Updating The Family Bathroom

Create a Space They’ll Love!

Remodeling or updating the family bathroom can create additional space or freshen up the existing space you already have.  North Texas Remodeling has creative tips that will make your guest or family bathroom an inviting and functional space for your family as well as visitors.

Adding a Bathroom

Adding a new bathroom to your home will require planning and consulting a professional.  A designer can help you decide where it will best fit with the existing floor plan and what the most useful layout will be.  Most conveniently a guest or family bathroom should be located as near to the front of the house as possible.  A common location is off the main hallway, near the front entry and secondary bedrooms.

Storage Solutions

Adequate, functional storage space is vital for any bathroom.  The clutter that results from improper storage is frustrating and makes the bathroom seem smaller, as well as messy.  Replacing the old cabinets with new ones, will not only give the bathroom a fresh new look but will create more storage options. Adding eye catching shelving will allow for extra storage and provide a display area for bathroom décor giving your bathroom a more finished look.  Providing plenty of counter space and attractive clothes hamper to place in a convenient location will eliminate unnecessary clutter creating a tidy appearance to your new bathroom space.

Style Selection

The style and design of the family bathroom should be simple and easy to maintain.  You can create a pleasing design that appeals to your personal style with practical qualities that will suit the needs of the family.  Choose décor items that can be easily maintained and cared for.  The flooring, countertops and fixtures selected for the family bathroom with get much more use than the other bathrooms, so purchasing with durability in mind is a necessity.  This can easily be done without compromising the style and integrity of the rest of your home.

Lighting Matters

Whether you are remodeling the family bathroom or adding a new one, bathrooms require specific lighting solutions.  Adjustable lighting options will accommodate task lighting as well as ambiance lighting.  Bright lighting in the shower stall will provide enough light for showering and shaving, while a softer reading lamp near the toilet for reading is sufficient.  Finally, adding a large, well lit mirror will open the space and is a necessity for proper grooming and primping.

Final Touches

Keeping a well maintained, fully stocked bathroom will make life easier in many ways.  There is nothing more frustrating than getting ready to step into the shower and realizing that you have forgotten something.  Providing duplicate supplies for each bathroom will avoid annoying, time wasting incidents.  If you have guests staying over, they will appreciate not feeling like they have to ask for items that may be missing or that they forgot to bring.  Extra towels, guest toothbrushes, shampoo and other various toiletries will make your guests feel right at home.

Trust the Experts!

A simple bathroom remodel can add beauty and functionality to any home, creating a space that the entire family will love and enjoy!  Let the experts at North Texas Remodeling take the headache out of your next home improvement project and simplify your life.  Contact us today for a FREE ESTIMATE!  972-672-9061.

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