When to Repair or Replace Your Appliance

First thing to condier when replacing appliances or repairing aplliances. Age, repair cost, pricing, energy efficiency, and whether you are going to have to modify your kitchen to make space for new appliances.
When an appliance is old and isn’t working efficiently, it’s easy to decide to replace rather than repair the machine. Since appliances will often break before the average service time, making the decision to repair-or-replace decision becomes harder.
If money is tight, you may have to repair the appliance and hope for the best. But if you’ve the funds to replace your appliances, then replacing with a new, more than likely more energy-efficient model often is the better way to go.

Your Appliances Life Expectancy

The rule of thumb is, if a repair will cost more than half the price of a new appliance and the unit is more than six or seven years old, you might want to think about upgrading your appliances.

  • Dishwasher: 9 years
  • Refrigerator: 13 years
  • Freezer: 11 years
  • Kitchen range/oven (gas): 15 years
  • Washing machine: 10 years
  • Dryer: 13 years

Under Warranty?

Check your owner’s manual or records to see if the sick appliance is still under warranty. Most warranties on major appliances cover labor and pars and some extend coverage of parts for a longer term.

Save money on repairs.

People who used independent repair shops or “Mom & Pop Repair Shops” were more satisfied with the repairs than those who used factory service. These repair shops cost a lot less, too. That was especially true when it came to larger appliances.

Things to consider

Has the appliance given you trouble before? If your appliance has always worked well, there is a big possibility it will be worth fixing.
Replacement Cost? Check with local retailers and get pricing on new appliances.
Energy Saving Appliances? Will you save enough in energy costs to offset the price of a new appliance, or is repairing the broken appliance a better more cost effective way.
Newer Appliance Features? What type of new features do the new appliances offer that your old one doesn’t have, and is it cost effective to get these features without breaking the bank.

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    Jim, Dallas

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