Budget Home Renovations

Home Interior designers know the most inexpensive way to drastically change a room’s style is to change those boring white walls, refinish those old cabinets, updating appliances, lighting fixtures and much more budget home renovations. Sure, you could try painting the room a different color or simply just replace the old with the new, but the newest design techniques go a step further with drywall, faux painting, and nontraditional wall coverings as well as refinishing existing fixtures and cabinets for better appeal for a much cheaper cost.

Drywall Textures

Once purely functional, drywall techniques are now a designer’s trick. Using drywall techniques to add new architectural or design touches, or simply re-texturing ceilings and walls, can update the overall appearance of a home with a relatively small investment.

  • Skip Trowel
  • Hawk and Trowel
  • Santa-Fe Texture
  • Double Skip
  • Swirl
  • Crows-foot stomp
  • Rosebud stomp
  • Stomp knockdown

Faux Painting

Expanding your concept of color, Include the multidimensional softness of a color-washed sky at twilight, or the look of fine linen or raw silk. Let your inspiration be your guide to transform your home’s surfaces into visually stunning décor by using a few simple faux painting techniques.
Faux painting incorporates decorative and special paint finishes, as well as techniques that resemble wallpaper, such as glazing, sponging, ragging, wood graining and even freehand designs.

Non-traditional Wall Coverings

Wallpaper has always been a popular alternative to painting a room. But in addition to buying & installing traditional wallpaper, there are many types of wall coverings that will enliven a room. Bright fabrics, grass cloth, even cork are becoming popular as unique ways to dramatically change a room’s

Refacing or refinishing your cabinets.

Refacing involves replacing your cabinet doors but leaving the actual cabinets (boxes) intact. Depending on the size of your kitchen you can get it done for about $1,000 professionally or if you’re willing to undertake a little “DIY” work you can do it for less. It’s a quick and much less expensive way of getting “new” cabinets without the big demolition work (and big pricetag) of brand new cabinets.

With a little elbow grease and creativity, you can update your kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets without going through the hassle of an entire remodel.

Outdoor Curb Appeal

Small changes outdoors can really boost your home’s curb appeal for many potential buyers. Add a deck, consider building a wood deck to add to your home’s outdoor living space. Rip up the existing lawn and add some new sod.

Crown Molding

You may notice how most rooms are simple, plain and boring, and most of the time you want to change that, one popular option is to add crown molding.
Crown molding is trimming that can be added to connect the walls with the ceiling. If you pick the right one for your room, you’ll add a nice look touch of class to your home. Crown Molding is an easy and cost effective way to revamp your home.

  • The repair you did to my roof on Timberview Rd looks great.

    Not one of my shrubs was hurt in any way. The yard was cleaner than when I last saw it.
    Jim, Dallas

  • I could not be happier.

    I want to tell you how pleased I am with the remodeling and repair work you recently completed on my residence. I especially appreciate the fact that you finished the project on time.
    Jimmy Johnson, Head coach- Dallas Cowboys

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    Just a short note to thank you for the good work on my brick column and mailbox repairs.
    Mark, Flower Mound